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Placement Services

San Diego care placement services are a great way to find the right living arrangement for seniors and people with disabilities.

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San Diego care placement services

About our care placement services

At Momentra Care, we provide personalized recommendations based on individual needs and preferences. We have an extensive network of licensed residential care facilities and in-home care providers that you can choose from to make a decision best suited to your lifestyle.

We understand that finding the proper care solution can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here to help! Our experienced professionals will work with you to assess your needs and provide personalized recommendations for the best possible living arrangements to meet those needs.

We only recommend properly licensed facilities and providers so that you know your loved one is getting the best care available.

What risk do seniors face without care placement services?

If an older relative does not receive care placement services when needed, several problems can arise, affecting their overall well-being, safety, and quality of life. Here are some potential issues that can occur:

  • Unsafe Living Conditions: Without placement services, an older relative may continue to live in an environment that is no longer safe or suitable for their needs. This can include homes with physical hazards, inadequate accessibility, or a lack of necessary modifications.

  • Inadequate Supervision: Seniors with cognitive impairments, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, may be at risk of wandering, accidents, or neglect when they do not receive appropriate supervision and care.

  • Delayed Access to Specialized Care: In some cases, seniors may require specialized care at another place rather than their own home. Delaying access to these services can hinder the provision of specialized care tailored to their needs.

What are the benefits of care placement services?

When you are considering the placement of a relative, especially an elderly one who is no longer able to live independently, it can be hard to know where to turn. Momentra Care offers professional placement services that help match seniors to the right living situation for their needs and preferences. Some of the benefits of choosing our placement services are:

  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Placement services ensure that your older relative lives in an environment designed to meet their specific care needs and equipped with safety features and accessibility accommodations.
  • Professional Care: Qualified healthcare professionals and caregivers provide around-the-clock care, monitoring, and assistance. This ensures that your older relative receives the necessary medical attention and support for their physical and emotional well-being.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your older relative is in a safe and supportive environment with access to 24/7 Home Care can provide peace of mind and reduce anxiety about their well-being.

San Diego Care Placement Services FAQs

How effective are care placement services for seniors in finding suitable care options?

San Diego care placement services for seniors can be incredibly effective in finding suitable care options. They provide both an online and offline presence, allowing families to review the services available in their area. San Diego care placement services for seniors can be an invaluable resource, making it easier to find the proper care option quickly and efficiently. 

What are some common signs of needing additional Senior Home Care?

As people age, they may need extra help with everyday tasks or experience changes in their physical or cognitive health. Some common signs of needing additional Senior Home Care include difficulty with mobility, changes in eating habits, trouble remembering simple things, increased confusion or disorientation, more withdrawn socially, and increased anxiety. It’s essential to watch for any of these signs and consider care placement services in San Diego.

How do care placement services in San Diego for seniors work?

Senior placement services typically involve a consultation process where the agency gathers information about the senior’s health condition, lifestyle preferences, and any specific care requirements. Based on this information, the agency will recommend potential living options, such as assisted living communities, nursing homes, or memory care facilities. They may also assist with coordinating visits to these facilities and guiding the decision-making process.

Holistic Home Care Solutions for San Diego Seniors

Comprehensive Home Care Solutions That Nurture the Whole Person

Home Care

Home Care

Our loving caregivers work hard to provide everything needed to thrive at home: assistance with daily activities as well as meaningful companionship to bring joy and make every day memorable. Our goal is to enrich lives one person at a time.

Personal Home Care

Personal Home Care

Personal Home Care includes assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), such as bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming, mobility assistance, incontinence care, feeding, and medication reminders. Whatever you need, our team is here to provide it for you.

Companionship Care

Companionship Care

Companionship Care includes non-medical, basic supervision to ensure a client’s safety and well-being. This includes attending social events and help finding and participating in new or long-loved hobbies together with your caregiver.

Homemaker Solutions

Homemaker Solutions

Homemaker Solutions includes assistance with housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, respite, and transportation for appointments, errands, shopping, and outings. Keeping the home clean and uncluttered keeps your loved one safe.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services

This includes traveling to and from appointments, like doctor visits and follow-up appointments at a hospital, buying food and running errands, participating in social events, and visiting relatives.

Placement Services

Placement Services

Through our Placement Services, Momentra Care is able to offer clients a choice of where they live, whether that be at home or in Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, or a Nursing Home.

Specialty Care

Specialty Care

Having the right caregiver in place is crucial when caring for someone with special needs. We work diligently on finding you the right fit for you. Skills and experience are most important when finding care for your loved one.

Alzheimer's Home Care

Alzheimer's Home Care

We provide the necessary support to help our clients continue to enjoy a high quality of life by keeping the brain engaged and active with activities and exercises designed to stimulate memory and cognitive function.

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Social Activities

Hospice Home Care

Post-Surgery Home Care

Respite Care

Pet Assistance

Meal Prep

Physical Excercise

Errand Running


Med Reminders

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San Diego Home Care

Our San Diego Elder Home Care Guarantee

Best-in-Class Care Guarantee

Whether your aging loved one needs help with daily tasks around the house, transportation for running errands, and assistance attending social activities, or help with planning and preparing meals, we guarantee to provide everything your loved one needs to live well and with purpose at home.

Beyond the usual services that a home care agency in San Diego provides, we aim to go far above and beyond by researching activities in the community for your loved one to attend and help them engage in new hobbies while making new friends. We strive to make everyday purposeful, memorable, and fun.


24/7 Access To Your Care Team

Even if you only need a few hours of in-home care, you still get access to your dedicated virtual care ambassador, the Momentra Care App, and 24/7 access to your Care Team.


A compatible caregiver is guaranteed

If your loved one doesn't adore and look forward to their caregiver's visits, we will send a new one. It's our goal for our caregivers in San Diego to feel like family.


Your loved one will enjoy memorable days packed with meaningful activities

We want to empower you to live well by living with purpose! We'll find compatible social activities for you to attend and hobbies for you to enjoy.


Licensed, bonded, and insured

We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection, making us a risk-free choice to provide exceptional home care for your loved one!


We'll help you access care benefits

Unlock the full potential of your healthcare plan. Whether it’s Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or others our virtual care ambassadors navigate and activate all your complex healthcare benefits, known and unknown.


Your loved one will thrive with a caring companion to share life with

Not only do our caregivers in San Diego provide loving companionship, but they'll also help your loved one connect with their friends and family and avoid isolation.

It only takes one call to change your life with San Diego Home Care

3 Simple Steps To Live Well and With Purpose Comfortably at Home

Step 1. Call (619) 330-7611

Our friendly staff is standing by to take your call and answer any questions you have.

Step 2. Schedule a FREE, no-obligation in-home care assessment

During our assessment, we will discuss your needs, wants, schedule, habits, and personality.

Step 3. Get matched with a compatible caregiver

Thrive at home with an attentive and loving caregiver in San Diego who understands your needs.

San Diego Home Care

Don't wait until it's too late. Call now to schedule a FREE, no-obligation, in-home care assessment

We will discuss your needs, wants, schedule, habits, and personality during our assessment. Based on the evaluation, we’ll match you with a San Diego caregiver who meets your needs to ensure your health and safety.

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